rustic-romantic wedding in Venice

Rustic-romantic wedding in Venice. Useful tips

Nowadays future spouses dream of being in a historic atmosphere for their wedding, with simple and rustic furnishes to match very fine decor and materials. The bride and groom adore the discovery of tastes and colors that once dressed the…
wedding in Venice

Black and White for Your Vintage Wedding

In the age of the vintage wedding in Venice, when the rules are made up again, the classic greats come back in style, precisely in this age I want to relaunch a “Black  and White” wedding.   Think about the Anglo-Saxon atmosphere…
wedding in Venice - Marryville - Wed in Colour

Getting married in Venice, Verona and the Veneto Region. Tips for living your dream.

Deciding to get married in Venice, as well as in Verona, means choosing a City of Art, and in a particular way, marrying the centuries of art, history and literature. Famous literary poets imagined scenes of war and peace, quarrels and love…
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How to choose the right suppliers for your wedding in Venice

How to choose the right suppliers for your wedding in Venice?    I have 3 advices for you:   Choose freelance professionals rather than “shop professionals”     I mean when you start to plan your…
getting married in Venice

The easiest way – getting married in Venice

There's no point telling you how getting  married in Venice is not the same as getting married in any other city in the world.   Whether you're from Rome, Florence, Naples or any other city, the beauty and splendor of Venice make…
the perfect bouquet for your wedding

The perfect bouquet for your wedding. 5 tips for the right choice.

The first real rule is to define the theme of your wedding. Once you've decided this, you can pick the perfect bouquet for your wedding. There are hundreds of arrangements, themes and colours, and it's easy to make a mistake. Creating…
get married in Venice

The two common mistakes of those who get married in Venice and how to avoid them      

Do we all agree that your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life?   Do we truly agree on the fact that your very important "I do" should be said in the most beautiful and romantic place, as if in a fairytale, in the presence…
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6 reasons to pick a wedding dress made by you. Marryville- Wed in colour.

Have you noticed how many blogs and sites on the web present the latest wedding dress trends?   Well, don't follow what fashion dictates you to do any more, but decide for yourself!   Your wedding dress should be what you…
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Wedding in Venice. How to choose the right bomboniera/wedding favours. 4 suggestions

Nowadays brides –and-groom to be from all around the word think about the possibility to leave their guests a special record. Yes, we know that the bomboniera/ wedding favours is an Italian tradition but it is so lovely our guests to remind…