Getting married in Venice, Verona and the Veneto Region. Tips for living your dream.

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Deciding to get married in Venice, as well as in Verona, means choosing a City of Art, and in a particular way, marrying the centuries of art, history and literature.

Famous literary poets imagined scenes of war and peace, quarrels and love through the little streets of Verona…William Shakespeare, for example !

Who doesn’t know the story about the Montagues and Capulets? Any couple that dreams of getting married in Verona would like to imagine living the same romantic poignant love story as Romeo and Juliet.

Thomas Mann tells the most musing part of the romantic Dodge’s City while Shakespeare himself tells us about a certain merchant of Venice….

Venice and Verona haven’t only been ideal settings for a flourishing literary history but are also preferred places today to enjoy shows, concerts, and operas in the Arena and St. Mark’s Square.

We have said that getting married in Venice and Verona means in a special way getting married while being immersed in art.

Art doesn’t mean only this though. Art signifies taste, tradition and innovation. This is why finding the right location is essential if you choose to get married in Venice or Verona.

The countryside of Verona is truly rich with fantastic scenery, endless green hills where Amarone and Valpolicella vineyards are cultivated, renown local red wines, stone wine grottos and villas that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. If you love Prosecco and white wine, then the Venetian countryside is right for you.

There are a few unique destinations where the setting is absolutely incredible.

Some villas, guest houses and estates are truly special to celebrate your wedding at.

If you are looking for a more dramatic contrast, where the classic traditional is weaved with the modern and contemporary art resides perfectly in architecturally beautiful structures that are centuries old…then, I have the solution for you!

Imagine a magical place, surrounded by vineyards, a guest house with a private 13th century chapel, where every detail is meticulously taken care of while being in an easy comfortable home environment…yes, there’s even this and much more!

Are you thinking of spoiling yourselves by staying at a luxurious estate where you can taste very fine local wines and cuisine prepared respecting tradition and taste? Or perhaps, you would prefer a lakeside castle? Or even, relaxing with a view of St. Mark’s Bell Tower in the horizon?

Getting married in Venice. Getting married in Verona. Marryville offers you the solutions.


Photographs by Paolo Castagnedi www.paolocastagnedi.com

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