The perfect bouquet for your wedding. 5 tips for the right choice.

the perfect bouquet for your wedding

The first real rule is to define the theme of your wedding. Once you’ve decided this, you can pick the perfect bouquet for your wedding.

There are hundreds of arrangements, themes and colours, and it’s easy to make a mistake.

Creating the perfect bouquet for your wedding requires a few priceless aspects that will uniquely adorn the bride.


  1. Choose a natural bouquet theme.


Besides all the themes and traditions, a natural bouquet is always the best choice, especially for the most romantic in heart.


  1. Adapt it to the season and the theme of the wedding.


If you want a perfect bouquet for your wedding, always choose flowers and colours of the season you are getting married in and select them to match your theme.


For example, if your theme is retro/vintage, I’d use rose tones to create a powdery bouquet style; if your theme is rustic, I’d use more leaves and berries etc.


In the spring, go for yellows and tones of pink and red as well as light blues and blues. Yes for lilies, both white and violet ones!


In the summer, use all tones of pink, from rose to bright fuchsia of orchids and peonies to an almost violet colour range…don’t forget that green leaves lushly enrich the setting and make a strong impact!


In the autumn, it’s a magical season for a perfect bouquet…no limits with warm tones of orange and chestnut, in addition to berries and branches!


In the winter, give way to pure white and reds for a bold statement!


  1. Be daring with colours. Don’t be afraid! If you go for a white dress, reds and fuchsia accentuate your beauty.


  1. Creatively arrange your flowers with other elements such as berries, branches and red pepperoni to make them really exceptional.


  1. Always remember that a perfect bouquet should be original whether your theme is classic, vintage, traditional, avant-garde…or simply artistic!

Following these tips, you will get a perfect bouquet for your wedding

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