9 reasons to have your wedding in Venice in the winter

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There’s nothing more wonderful than having your wedding in Venice in the winter. The truth is that, although it doesn’t always snow, there is always a mystery to the air that’s magical.


Would you like an atmosphere that’s mystic, like in a film where you are the star?


Could you imagine yourself saying “Yes, I do” surrounded by the frosty lagoon?


Then, you’re reading the right blog!


There are truly good reasons to have your wedding in Venice in the winter, and here are my 9 suggestions:


  • The colours are more intense: The misty grey sky gives prominence to the ornate palace features, the gold trim is bright gold, the white marble is absolute white.


  • A fairytale setting: In a scenery with a silent moon,  nothing is more majestic than a couple who are regal when they get married.


  • Luxury is accessible: you don’t need pomp to get married in Venice, because magnificence is already all around you. If you entrust an expert, who knows Venice and how to do things, everything will be so much easier.


  • The reception and party can be be organized to take place inside a palace as well as on a terrace. Here you and your guests can dance and celebrate surrounded by historic frescoes and exquisite marbles.


  • You can savour all the typical Venetian cuisine and be tastefully warmed…


  • There are fewer tourists in the winter, so it’s like having the whole city to yourselves.


  • If the Venice Carnival fascinates you, being in Venice in the winter for your wedding also offers you the opportunity to go to one of the many masquerade parties organized for this occasion! Marryville has even designed a wedding theme for this period, “Wed in Mask”, where getting married has all the splendor of Venetian extravagance.


  • Brides may choose a sleeveless dress and wear long gloves in white leather, like a real princess!


  • You can be daring and go all out with all white or splurge with colour to create an atmosphere that expresses you!


What to add? Just have your wedding in Venice in the winter

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